Youth Ministry serves as the launching pad for individuals between the ages of birth and eighteen.

Drill Team helps our youth develop strong leadership skills and become top-notch performers in military drill competitions.

Men of Mime are a group of male youths who articulate spiritual experiences through an array of physical movements and facial expressions with the assistance of Christian music.

Angelic Choir introduces the liturgical process to children from five to twelve years old.

Youth Choir teaches songs to our young people and provides voice training in the service of the Lord.

Adult Choir is inspired to sing praises to the Lord. We choose songs to invite the Holy Spirit, to reflect joyful aspects of life, and to provide solace during times of sadness and grief.

Hospitality Committee members extend warm greetings to all attendees of our church programs and services.

Nurses' Guild assists members of the congregation who become ill and need help before an emergency medical team arrives and provides care.

Intercessory Prayer Support Group's purpose is to pray and teach our members to be equipped and empowered with the Holy Spirit to resist Satan.

Evangelistic and Outreach Ministry goes out into the community as missionaries to share the Word of our Lord.

Cupbearer's Ministry provides encouragement and assistance to our Pastor in his role as Shepherd of our congregation.

Ministry of Ushers welcome, direct, and seat those who attend programs, funerals, and all Sunday morning services.

Praise Team Ministry consists of young men and women are musical and inspirational supporters of our Pastor as he fellowships with other churches.

Beautifying Club plays a crucial role in cleaning and maintaining our building. We also provide decorative themes for Holidays and special services at our church.

Sacred Services Ministry's sole purpose is to provide assistance when one of our members has been called home by the Lord. We assist the surviving family with the planning of the homegoing services.

Senior Citizens' Club is committed to offering a full spectrum of services for seniors. Our focus is to promote self-reliance, when possible to strengthen individuals, families, and our communities.

Drama Workshop is comprised of our church members who present biblical plays and projects that embrace the church's themes.

Audio/Visual Ministry is responsible for operating and maintaining our audio system in order to preserve the highest quality of sound that produces a powerful worship service unto God.

Membership Committee members produce and maintain records of new members as they join the church by submitting letters, by Christian experiences, and by baptism.